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Charese Mongiello captivates audiences worldwide with her powerful, impactful, and entertaining keynote presentations.

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Perspective Makes a Difference

 Her ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver compelling messages has made her a sought-after speaker for organizations across the globe. 
From sharing her personal journey to offering valuable insights and practical strategies, Charese leaves a lasting impression on her listeners. 
Whether it's motivating employees, inspiring leaders, or driving positive change, Charese Mongiello's keynote presentations are a surefire way to leave your audience informed, inspired, and entertained.

For larger events, we now use a video introduction instead of one read by the emcee. The video is embedded in Charese’s presentation. 
The version here is for your review.

"Your interactive presentation captivated the audience and received great feedback from attendees."
"Very entertaining, but more importantly, extremely informative and thought provoking."
"You delivered much more than a speech; you delivered lasting results."

Charese is Trusted by Top Organizations Around the World


Why hire me

  • I AM EASY TO WORK WITH. I understand things come up and I am here to support you as the event unfolds.

  • I will always finish on-time. My film training has taught me the importance of timing..

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    Collaboration is key in any industry. I will always find a way to help you and work with you. Let's Talk!

  • I have enough energy to make your audience feel invigorated.

  • I will over-deliver every single time. My number one goal is to be invited back again and again. (I have dozens of repeat customers for over the last 25 years)


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