Charese provides an experience that audiences love, and talk about long after the event is over! She will leave your audience with real steps to implement. Her talks are endearing and she has the ability to touch people's hearts.

Your event offers no do-overs!

You've been planning your event for months... why gamble on your speaker selection?
Charese Mongiello understands how to deliver an incredible experience that will make your event a success. She will over-deliver every time!
She understands the tremendous effort event planners put into their events. After all, she also has over 20 years of experience as a filmmaker and event coordinator. Rarely will you find a speaker who comprehends the "other side of the coin". Apart from being an impactful speaker with a powerful message, Charese Mongiello is adaptable and easy to work with. She knows that her primary focus is to support you and guarantee your audience has the best experience possible.
Charese Mongiello will never be mistaken for a prima-donna. You can rely on her to assist you in every possible way. She will be available for you and your audience before, during, and after the event.
Over 60 percent of her engagements are repeat engagements. With her extensive body of knowledge, none of her presentations are ever the same. She invests an incredible amount of time in perfecting her craft, continuously associating with the best companies in her field. Her years of experience assure you of current and relevant content at every event.


Charese's extensive international experience has directly contributed to her value as a speaker. Having addressed various industries across the globe, she has gained insight into the challenges and opportunities associated with different business models, providing her audiences with a broad understanding that is beneficial to all.

As a global Filmmaker and trainer, Charese brings invaluable insights gained from being exposed to various cultures and ways of doing business. This exposure has added depth and perspective to her knowledge, resulting in tremendous value for her clients. Her ability to understand and connect with people from diverse backgrounds makes her an ideal speaker for events with a diverse audience.

Common Audience Reaction To Charese's Presentations:

You deserve a multi-talented and resourceful speaker at your event!

Not all speakers are created equal!  
Some can deliver a 45-minute keynote, but cannot deliver a 4-hour workshop. Most can talk, yet few will inspire. Some speakers are comfortable with a small crowd but they are very ineffective at engaging a large audience... 
Charese Mongiello has the experience to engage and motivate an audience of 10,000 or a break-out session with 100 people.
Discover all the different ways on how Charese can help you make your event a complete success!Using your mouse, point and hover on each picture to find out why Charese is the right choice when selecting a speaker/trainer/ or facilitator for your coming event:

  • Keynote Speaker

    Are you looking for a Keynote Speaker who can deliver a powerful message? Charese has delivered over 4 keynote presentations. None of her presentations are ever the same, she creates it tailored to your specific event and audience.

  • High-Impact Motivation

    Charese is always invited back again to speak and to train many people who work with her in any capacity are thrilled to work with her. 

  • Corporate Retreats

    Are you organizing a corporate retreat or company meeting? Charese is your go to person for any type of training or event. Her thought provoking and interactive presentations have proven to be extremely effective for organizations of all sizes. 

Charese is Trusted by Top Organizations Around the World to Cultivate Innovation and Solve Complex Challenges



“Not following up after an event is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the plug in the drain.” 

Your event has the potential to spark positive change in your organization. But the reality is that a one-time motivational talk is not enough to create lasting impact.

Studies show that within hours of a speech, people forget up to 75% of what they heard. To make a real difference, your attendees need ongoing support and reinforcement.

Charese Mongiello understands this challenge and can help design a follow-up plan that reinforces her message and inspires action long after the event is over. She has a wealth of experience in cultivating creative and innovative cultures that lead to increased performance.

Whether online or in-person, Charese's follow-up plan will keep your attendees engaged, motivated, and accountable. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, you can trust that her content is current, relevant, and impactful.

Don't leave the success of your event to chance. Let Charese work with you to create a custom-made plan of action that ensures the momentum of positive change continues long after the event has ended.



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