Training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital!

Bring Charese to inspire your team and create a lasting impression with the members of your organization!

7 Reasons Why Charese Is Your Best Option As A Corporate Trainer:

1. Charese has been trained by the best trainers in the world.
2. Charese has trained in over 3 different countries, and addressed people from many different nationalities.The wealth of knowledge she brings to your event is unique. Her understanding of different cultures and diversity is vital for any organization.
3. Charese has an uncanny way to deliver her message and inspire people to take action. Her, passion, and inspiration will give your audience that extra boost of fun that will last and will have you your audience wanting more.
4. Charese is Motivated by RESULTS. 
5. Charese enjoys making her educational material tailored to each and every industry and/or client. Each training is different, no one training is ever the exact same. It is not some rote training that everyone else gets. It is designed specially for your company. 
6. Charese's blend of entertainment and deep understanding of people will always leave your audience with a memorable experience. 
7. Charese's main focus is on implementation. Training does not end when her class is over. Charese will work with you to make sure what was learned in the classroom is applied to create your desired results.

When Should You Bring Charese To Your Organization?

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    Your Organization is Facing Change

    Change can be scary for any individual or organization. That is why focusing on the goal and what the future brings will help the company transition in the best way possible.Charese has made a career helping management and teams provide a structured approach to change.
    Over the last 20 years, she's helped multiple film companies finish projects through the challenges that come with rapid work in the film industry. Her ability to shift gears in tough situations and still bring in shows on time and in budget has helped her to work as head of production for the TV Network OKTV . 
    Be aware: If the pace and nature of change overwhelms the management team or your employees your change initiatives will fail! 
    Why risk it? 
    Charese can help you prepare people to face intense and unexpected challenges that might come from any direction!
    Give Charese a call today.

  • Your Staff Needs to Become A Team

    Filmmaking is all about collaboration and trust sometimes with people your are just meeting for the first time. 
    In organizations where collaboration and teamwork are lacking, silos often emerge, leading to missed opportunities and financial losses. However, by fostering TEAM SPIRIT, unhealthy politics, misunderstandings, absenteeism, poor performance, and low morale can be eliminated.
    Charese Mongiello can help your employees become a cohesive team by addressing the following:
    Building awareness of individual thinking and biases.Enhancing communication skills to interact with diverse perspectives.Providing a common framework and language to overcome communication barriers.If you're seeking to improve your team's effectiveness, reach out to Charese for assistance.

  • Your Organization Needs Innovation

    Charese can help your organization develop a mindset for innovation by raising awareness. 
    Many organizations struggle with the concept of innovation, as it has become an overused buzzword lacking clear definition and application. To achieve transformative change and next-level thinking, it's important to have a deeper understanding of innovation. 
    Contact Charese to cultivate an innovative mindset for your organization.

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    You Need To Get A Message Across

    Effective communication is crucial for success, and as a leader, it is unacceptable to be a poor presenter or speaker. To ensure that your message is not only heard but also remembered, you need to become a master of presentation and persuasion.
    Unfortunately, "Death by PowerPoint" has become an all-too-common occurrence in the business world, but it doesn't have to be that way.
    If you're ready to communicate with laser-sharp precision and impact, then Charese is the expert you need to call.

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